Buyer Beware

Looking for better prices of your favorite items on the internet? Better think twice before making that purchase. Over the past few years, fake goods have been getting better and better. Unfortunately for us, that means it’s getting harder to spot what’s real and what’s not. The best way to ensure the authenticity of your favorite treasurers, of course, is to only buy from authorized retailers. If you decide to go after something you missed out on though, take extra care when looking for these items below.

Magnanni ‘Cristian’ Sneaker

This sneaker is made of distressed leathers from Italy, France and Spain. It is a magnificent low-profile sneaker that features a sleek, streamlined design and sporty perforations. Notice that the real ‘Cristian’ has hand stitching and Italian leather. The fake version does not have the hand-stitching and is made of discounted leather. Also note that the fake version does not have the sporty perforations.

Real Magnanni
Real Magnanni


Fake Magnanni
Fake Magnanni

Hermes ‘Birkin’ Bag

So let’s just admit it, designer bags are more expensive when compared to cheap knock offs. Hermes bags are generally considered to be one of the most counterfeited bags in the market today. One of the most critical indictors to differentiate a fake Hermes bag from a real one is that all Hermes bags are actually hand-stitched. When something is hand-stitched, the stitches should appear uneven. Also, they usually come in platinum or gold hardware. The real bag comes with the proper stamps and markings as well.

Real Hermes
Real Birkin
Fake Hermes
Fake Birkin

Tiffany & Co Bracelet

The links on any Tiffany and Co bracelet are not pinched together, they are soldered together and very smooth. Every piece is stamped with the Tiffany & Co mark. The tag bracelets are made of .925 sterling silver and pretty heavy. If your jewelry feels light in comparison to its size, beware. The engraving on your bracelet should be completely and totally sharp and clear to read. If it is unclear or looks sub-par, it is not Tiffany and Co!

Real Tiffany
Real Tiffany & Co bracelet
Fake Tiffany
Fake Tiffany & Co bracelet

My best advice is if you are not certain, make sure to buy from an authorized retailer. Buying online could be very tricky and discounted rates are normally knock-offs or those of lesser quality.