Sharp Dressed Man: The Ideal Knot

Some men go through incredible lengths just to get the perfect fit on a well-tailored suit. Often neglected, but equally important, is the right choice of tie that can make or break your overall appearance. Few might argue that it’s just a tie and you go to work to get the job done, but it is much more than that!

A tie is a symbol of tradition from our ancestors who cherished that piece of clothing to look their best. It is a way of life that separates the men from the boys. It is what separates great men from those that are ordinary. There are some basic guidelines to follow when you would like to achieve the ideal knot. Of course you can deviate from these rules, but you must know the basics to succeed.


Windsor knots are the staple knots in the workplace. They are classy and safe. They are perfect for presentations, board member meetings, or any event which requires you to look sharp because of the symmetry.

The most-used type of knot is the Four in Hand knot. This narrower kind of style is best if you have a shorter neck than most. This will make you blend well with others.

If you are feeling a bit daring, check out the Eldredge knot. I can guarantee that this will catch everyone’s attention including your boss. This is the ideal knot on any special occasion.

Daniel Craig as James Bond with the ideal knot
Daniel Craig as James Bond with the ideal knot


The most important thing to keep in mind is matching your tie with your dress shirt and suit. Color affects the overall condition and mood of the mind. Red signifies power and love. Blue proposes peace and wisdom. Orange portrays liveliness and youth. Yellow suggests excitement and fun. Your choice in color should be based on your field of work or the occasion.

Have an idea of what shades blend well with each other. If you think it is an eyesore, then it most likely is. If your tie has a loud color, match it with a muted shirt.


While the ideal knot and complementing colors are important, you must also remember the details. The tip of your tie should touch your belt. It is customary to put a dimple on your tie. The dimple puts a fine detail on the outfit. It connotes that the gentleman wearing it puts time and effort into everything that he does.

made to measure with David Beckham
made to measure with David Beckham

The ideal tie creates a small effect on your overall appearance but it can greatly affect what others say about you. It can define your existence. It is an extension of your personality. Claim the tie. As the old saying goes, dress for the job you want not the job you have.