What Sets Magnanni Shoes Apart

Magnanni has been perfecting the art of shoemaking since 1954.

The third-generation family business took root in rural Almansa, Spain, a place where time passes seemingly more slowly than the rest of the world, and an appreciation for what matters most in life—family and food, legacy and tradition—governs every day.

Under the direction of Sebastian Blanco, the company passed to his only child, Pascual Blanco Martinez, who began learning how to make shoes at age 14. By 1989, the first of Pascual’s six children took over the business; to this day, they own and operate Magnanni much as their grandfather did before them.

Over half a century later, Magnanni shoes still stand alone in quality and design:


Magnanni was one of the very first shoemakers to dye natural leather shoes by hand to achieve what’s now known as patina. Today, the creative partnership between brothers Luis and Miguel Blanco culminates in the unique appearance of each pair of hand-painted shoes. Multiple skillful steps result in a subtly individualized finish never to be duplicated.


A stitch that happily results in a design statement, the Artesano method joins by hand the sole to the upper with double-needle waxed threading for a securely closed—not to mention outrageously stylish—seam. This distinguished finishing has become emblematic of Magnanni’s fine quality and rarefied craftsmanship. It takes years of study for an apprentice to earn the artisan title that allows him to work on these meticulously-crafted shoes. This traditional knowledge is also what allows Magnanni footwear to feel so comfortable and retain its shape over time.


Magnanni only sources the highest-grade leathers treated to last and look their best for years to come. A team of in-house experts regularly travels to tanneries in Italy, France, and Spain to select every batch of leather that goes into Magnanni dress shoes, loafers, and sneakers. From luxurious calfskin to exotic alligator, each piece is scrupulously inspected and cut by master shoemakers for a look that’s ultimately all your own.

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