7 Fashion Tips for Looking & Feeling Your Best on Your First Date

7 Fashion Tips for Looking & Feeling Your Best on Your First Date

At this point, there’s little the pandemic hasn’t changed—and that includes dating.

Depending on one’s comfort level and vaccination status, a date could mean a Zoom call, a long stroll outside, or even indoor dining like in days gone by. Given these new variables, you may find yourself facing some advanced fashion calculus.

Luckily, the experts here at Larrimor’s know a few things about dressing to impress. With no small selection of casual and formal attire for both men and women, whether you’re donning a suit or going laid-back luxe, we’ve always got your back.

In need of even more hand-holding? That’s what we’re here for. Consider booking a session with one of our experienced stylists. The investment of your time is well spent: When you look great, you feel great, and you lead with confidence. That’s key to a great date.

Read on for our 7 rules of dating dressing…and don’t forget to invite us to the wedding.

Choose clothes that fit

The first rule of being well-dressed is to choose clothes that fit impeccably. While this sounds obvious enough, this detail too often gets overlooked—especially now, when the pandemic has changed both what we’re wearing and how it fits our bodies.

Tailoring telegraphs sophistication and attention to detail—irresistible when seeking a life partner, no? Clothes that are too big or too small can also be uncomfortable, which may end up distracting you and getting in the way of having a good time.

If a beloved piece of clothing doesn’t fit you the way you’d like anymore, a skilled tailor can save the day and, by extension, the date. And should nothing in your closet feel quite right, remember: All full-price clothing at Larrimor’s is eligible for complimentary alterations. We’d love for you to take us up on it.

Don’t overdress

Understated is far more appealing than trying too hard; there’s no need go overboard these days. Dress appropriately for the environment or venue, and make sure your outfit is spotless and wrinkle-free.

Be authentic

It’s arguably never more important than on a date to find someone who likes you for you, so stick close to your sartorial comfort zone. Wear an outfit you like and conveys who you are.

It’s hard to go wrong in a great-fitting pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater. Try Brax, AG Jeans, and Hudson Jeans. Kinross offers sweaters for him and her.

Consider your shoes

If you’re meeting in person, shoes matter! On a casual walk, consider a pair of elevated sneakers or chukkas. Going on a hike? Then it makes sense to lace up something rugged. When dining out, choose what’s comfortable while taking the ambiance into consideration. For some guys, this may be a monk strap shoe, while others may naturally gravitate toward a loafer. For women, a sleek heel or a ballet flat works well in most situations.

Comfort equals confidence

There’s a reason jeans and a tee are a classic fashion do: When you wear clothes that set you at ease, you naturally turn on the charm. Think about what you most want to accentuate. If you want to make your eyes pop on a date, match your top to your eye color. Strategically-placed accessories also attract attention.

Avoid oversized prints

Big, busy patterns or colors that wash you out can be distracting or, worse, overwhelming. Especially for Zoom dates, opt for bold, bright, solid colors that flatter your complexion; stay away from light-absorbing black.

Expert level 2021 dating advice: Consider placing a ring light behind your computer so that you’re better lit for a chat or dating app profile photo. Good lighting can make as much of a difference as the right garments.

Plan in advance

Take the panic out of a first meeting by planning your wardrobe for each kind of date. Maybe you have a snappy outfit you generally wear on a first get-together and a more casual one suited to second or third dates. Laying out outfits in advance can help cut down on time and last-minute jitters.

These can-do fashion tips should have you feeling ready and eager to go on your next date. As with any scenario life throws at you, dressing to blend style with comfort is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. Then all that’s left to do is focus on having fun.

No matter the occasion, Larrimor’s has your outfit on lock. (And should the clothes only take you so far, there’s always a local matchmaker.)

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