249 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Store Hours

Sunday - Closed
Monday -Closed
Tuesday - 10AM - 5PM
Wednesday - 10AM - 5PM
Thursday -    10AM - 7PM
Friday - 10AM - 5PM
Saturday - 10AM - 5PM

or by appointment call 412-471-5727



Larrimor's validates parking at the 3 PNC Plaza garage located below the Fairmont Hotel.

If a sign is up that says the garage is full or leases only, pull a ticket and enter the garage. We have made arrangements to ensure parking is available for you.

If the ticket machine does not dispense a ticket, slide the silver help shield aside and press the red HELP button. When someone comes on the speaker, tell them you’re going to Larrimor's and they will open the gate for you. Locate the attendant and he will give you a ticket and take your car.

Once in the garage, If the garage is actually full, locate the attendant and tell him you are going to Larrimor's. He will take your car.

Once at Larrimor's, you will receive a parking validation ticket. Take it, with your original parking ticket to the garage's pay station. Insert the garage's parking ticket first, followed by the validation ticket. You will then get your parking ticket back which is needed to exit the garage.

photo of parking garage entrance
map showing parking and store entrance


 Video of our validated parking, driving down 5th Avenue

 Larrimor's validated parking coming from Point State Park into town


Larrimor's validated parking coming down Liberty Ave, headed toward the Point State Park