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I’m tempted to discard all my old ties as it seems no one is wearing them anymore. What’s the story?

Granted, they’re no longer mandatory business attire, but ties are far from extinct. In fact, nothing makes as clear a proclamation about your confidence and competence as wearing a great tie.

Whether with a suit, sportcoat or a button-front shirt and jeans, the tie remains a symbol of respect for tradition and of individual style. But don’t confuse 2019 neckwear with what’s on your tie rack. While yesterday’s ties were mostly shiny silk, today’s are often crafted in non-silk or luxury blends, sometimes textured or with a subtle matte finish.

For spring, try the new cotton/linen or silk/linen fabrics in modern widths from 2¾ inches to 3¼ inches. Colorful silk prints are still important for creating an upbeat vibe, but knits keep the look fresh. So yes, you can dump the old ties as long as you buy a few new ones. You won’t be sorry!


Most of my pants and jeans are too heavy (and tight) to wear in hot weather. Are there any options that are lightweight, comfortable and office-appropriate?

Yes. We have numerous styles to carry you through spring into summer, including 5-pocket chinos that fit like jeans but are much lighter in weight. With the addition of stretch to traditional fabrics, even slim styles no longer feel tight.

In addition to jogger-inspired styles, we carry dressier models in performance fabrics to keep you cool in even the hottest weather. Brax, one of our favorite luxury brands, uses fibers from the kapok tree, Supima cotton and silk. Brax’s dense weaving techniques create an elegant drape in some of the brand’s styles.

Bottom line: In this era of advanced fabric technology, pants have never been as cool, comfortable or flattering. It’s a good time to stock up!

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