"Discover the Timeless Elegance of Navy Suit by Heritage Gold at Larrimors in Pittsburgh"

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Navy Suit by Heritage Gold at Larrimor's in Pittsburgh

Good morning, fashion enthusiasts! Here we are, another beautiful Saturday, and we're back with our fabulous lay down program. Today, we have something special for you. We're still on sale, and we have a fantastic selection if you're on the hunt for a basic, year-round dress suit. But who said basic has to be boring? Let's dive in and see what we've got for you.

Discover the Heritage Collection

Our selection includes a great range of suits in both Navy and charcoal gray from the Heritage collection. These suits are the epitome of timeless elegance, perfect for any occasion, any time of the year. But what makes these suits stand out? It's all in the details, my friends.

Pair it Back with Eton

Now, let's talk about the perfect pairing. We've matched the suit with an Eton shirt. What's so special about this shirt, you ask? Well, it has some of that blue tone in it that perfectly complements the Navy suit. It's all about creating a cohesive look, and this shirt does just that.

Add a Touch of Elegance with Eton Accessories

But we're not stopping there. We're also featuring a beautiful Eton pocket square and tie. These accessories add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a well-accessorized man?

Step Up Your Style with Magnani Shoes

And to finish off the look, we've chosen a nice Navy Magnani shoe. These shoes are not just about comfort; they're about style. They add that extra bit of flair to the outfit, making it anything but basic.

Enjoy the Savings

Now, let's talk numbers. Regularly, this whole outfit would set you back $2,665. But with our sale, the price for just the suit and the shoe is $2,005. That's a significant saving, isn't it? So why not treat yourself with the savings and buy yourself a shirt, a tie, and a pocket square? After all, you deserve it.

So, there you have it. A basic, yet stylish outfit that's perfect for any occasion. And the best part? It's on sale. So why wait? Treat yourself to a little luxury today. After all, who said basic has to be boring?

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