Face Time: Should One Sex Have a Monopoly on Great Skin? Heck, No!

Face Time: Should One Sex Have a Monopoly on Great Skin? Heck, No!

Cosmetic procedures need not be stereotyped as a feminine thing—guys want to look rested and feel their best too. Here are four treatments dudes are using to fight aging and revitalize their skin, no stigma attached:


Maintaining a daily skincare routine is important, but sometimes your face just needs a refresher only a facial can provide. And guys are getting more and more on board with the idea—according to a recent study from the International Spa Association, 47 percent of spa-goers are male, compared with 31 percent 10 years ago. During a facial, an esthetician will assess your skin’s specific needs, exfoliate dead skin cells, extract clogged pores, then moisturize and massage your face, neck and shoulders. Please go to your appointment freshly shaven and stubble-free. Frequency should be at least once per season, or ideally every six weeks.


While a regular facial will leave you looking supple and refreshed, a radiofrequency facial creates a tight and toned look—eventually. For this procedure a machine is heated to a comfortable 38–40 degrees Fahrenheit and placed onto skin to increase collagen production, which in turn tightens, firms and lifts sagging areas on the face, neck and yes, even the rest of the body. It’s pain-free, quick and requires zero recovery time. (You can even bang this out on your lunch break.) But be aware that one treatment will hardly make a difference—six to 12 sessions over a few months are recommended to achieve optimal results.


These days, men of all ages are opting for injections to make their skin look more youthful or to prevent fine lines from developing. While a boost to the lips and cheeks may be more popular with the ladies, both sexes get dermal fillers injected into their foreheads, the area between the eyes, on lower lids or into their smile lines. And since males’ skin is thicker and muscle mass denser than females’, higher dosages are required to achieve the desired look. Just don’t let your doc go overboard, as overfilling tends to make a guy’s facial features look too puffy and feminine. Touch-ups are typically needed every six to nine months.


An alternative to lasers and injectables, this is the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure for men in 2019, according to the website RealSelf. A practitioner applies topical numbing cream and then uses a tool with thin needles that create tiny punctures in the skin’s surface to regenerate collagen and elastin, thus reducing cellulite and stretch marks, minimizing pores and erasing scarring. Skin will undeniably appear more radiant with just one treatment, but a few sessions are preferable. Just how many and how often depend on your skin type and sensitivity, so talk to your doc. And this should go without saying, but all of these treatments should be done by a professional esthetician or board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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