Men's Fall Fashion Tips 2019

Fall 2019 Fashion Tips for Men

Men's Fall Fashion Tips 2019

Q: I don’t wear suits too often anymore but would like to buy a few cool sport coats for fall. What specifically do you suggest?

We’d recommend one perfect decon- structed blue blazer (it doesn’t have to be navy; there are various new shades of blue) and one subtle plaid sport coat to pair with casual pants (or jeans) and sneakers. What makes a sport coat modern these days is fine performance fabrics, light canvas con- struction, interesting details and an attitude of nonchalance. There’s also an ineffable characteristic known as “expression,” which refers to the uncontrived way a tailored garment drapes and hits the body. Other things to note: modern fit is body-skimming but not tight, slightly shorter in the arm and body length but not extreme. Come into the store and we’ll help you figure out which models are most flattering for you.

Q: Although everyone seems to be doing it, buying clothes online does not feel quite right to me. Am I crazy?

No, you’re not crazy: there’s nothing more satisfying than working in person with a professional style advisor who knows your taste, your body type and your budget, and can therefore help you look your best. But did you know that there are numerous ways you can use technology to enhance your in-store shopping experience? You can pre-shop menswear collections on our website to save time when you arrive in store. You can email, text or chat with your style advisor to ask ques- tions or set up appointments, in store or at home. You can click through the many fabulous collections on our website and reserve items for in-store shopping.

Bottom Line: digital support is not intended to circumvent your style advisor, but rather to enhance and improve your in-store shopping experience. Take advantage of it and look better than ever before.

Q: Sneakers seem to be everywhere, but I think they look ridiculous with suits and sport coats. So what should I wear on my feet?

Sorry to disagree, but we love sneakers worn with suits and sport coats, especially many of the newer styles that are clearly not meant for the gym! That said, there are numerous other non-sneaker options this fall, including chukka boots for an outdoorsy look, burnished leather lace-ups for a dressier look, and classic loafers for something in between.

Another tip: choose neutral shades of brown, which pair perfectly with both navy and gray clothing (and are appropriate with everything but formalwear).

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