Hudson Jeans Sizing

Hudson Jeans Sizing: Find your perfect fit

It’s amazing what a great-fitting pair of jeans can do. They’re a staple that, when chosen well, can instantly elevate a look.

As a style authority dating back to 1939, we’re obsessed with making sure our customers feel ready to conquer the world. A lot has changed since 1939 and jeans are now an everyday staple. Our buyers love Hudson because it’s all made in California and they have great recovery in their denim- meaning they have just the right amount of stretch without getting stretched out from regular wear. A variety of brands have emerged, but we’re featuring Hudson Jeans in this post for their effortless style, rebellious attitude, and modern execution.

For your overall wardrobe, it’s best to have a dressier pair of darker wash jeans and a more casual wash for the weekend. After that think of what kinds of shoes you like to pair with it – you can make it as complicated or simple as you like. If you like distressing, go for it! But if you don’t love it, you shouldn’t feel forced to wear it. The first rule of finding your perfect fit is focusing on what makes you feel comfortable.

Continue reading to find your perfect fit:

The Athletic Build

The Athletic body type has broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a narrow waist. One mistake athletic men make is to assume that relaxed-fit jeans are their only option to accommodate those bulging muscles. Instead, opt for a more flattering cut for calves and thighs.

Hudson Jeans Sizing Slim-Straight Fit
Hudson Blake Slim-Straight Jeans in Norwood

We recommend a more straight leg jean for those with an athletic build. Thighs can be a tough body part to fit. A key rule is to avoid styles that are too tight. Skinny jeans can make you look disproportionate. Some added stretch is also a good idea for showing off definition—and allows for comfortable movement.

Some other style tips for those with an athletic build?

  • Speaking of stretch, look for it in shirts, too. Many woven ones come in a cotton & Spandex blend, which can support your shoulder muscles.
  • Pay attention to brands. European designers often have slimmer cuts and may feel constricted in the shoulder area.

The Slim Build

Men with a slim build tend to have a leaner, smaller frame, shoulder and waist of equal width, and proportionate arms and legs. If you’re not sure of where to start, avoid relaxed-fit jeans and opt for slim or slim-straight cuts. If you’re shopping in-store at out Pittsburgh location, request to have one of our master tailors hem the jean with just enough length for a half or a full break.

Hudson Blake Slim-Straight Jeans in Voss

There are many options for those with a more slender frame. Slim jeans and straight-fit style works best for smaller builds. Skinny jeans are great as well, but avoid styles that taper in at the hem.

Hudson Axl Skinny Jeans in Haskett

Looking for more style tips? For a slim build, make sure your sleeves and inseams are the right length for your arms and legs. Clothing should drape closely to the body without billowing or slumping at the shoulder. And remember to stock up on slim fit shirts. Since men with a slim build carry less weight in the midsection, slim cuts will emphasize their frame in a positive way.

The Average Build

Men with an average build tend to have wide shoulders, narrow midsection, and lean legs. Men with this build should embrace a slim-straight fit, if they’re looking for an easy update. Avoid relaxed-fit jeans as they will overwhelm the bottom half of a man with an average build.

Hudson Blake Jeans in Stearns

Hankering for more style tips? For men with an average build, details are everything. Experiment with raglan sleeves, quilted details, or military styles to broaded shoulders. Because an average guy’s build has natural symmetry, you’re able to layer much easier―than other body types―with sweaters, vests and blazers. Your proportions make it simple to rock patterns or horizontal & vertical stripes without them appearing stretched out or widened.

The Robust Build

Someone with a more robust body type has wider midsection and waist and narrow shoulders compared to his waist.

Before reaching for the relaxed-fit jeans, try a more classic look in a updated, sleek cut to balance you out, like the Hudson slim straight cut available online and instore.

Hudson Blake Slim-Straight Jeans in Williams

The key to this build is to even out your proportions and draw attention to the top half of the body. Buttons and fastenings should be clean and streamlined to avoid that extra bulk. Lastly, dodge details, like colored belts, that draw attention to your midsection and aim for dark washes that deliver a slimming effect.

More style tips for a robust build:

  • Focus on tailored styles like structured jackets and blazers in a modern fit. They will help streamline your torso and define your shoulders.
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