Introducing: Akris Punto Collection at Larrimor's

Swiss womenswear brand Akris Punto designs contemporary styles for the everyday woman that are anything but basic. One of our favorites for Fall, this fine belted coat is a chic option for staying warm in style.

Akris Punto Belted Coat in Electric Blue
Akris Punto Belted Coat in Electric Blue

Like many luxury fashion houses, Akris Punto began as a modest studio, where founder Alice Kriemler-Schoch sewed polka dot aprons. Over the course of nearly a century, the St. Gallen, Switzerland-born, family-owned company has transformed itself into one of the most sought-after high-end womenswear brands in the world.

Pair this stand-collar blouse with a crew neck sweater and you’ve got a unique twist on one of the hottest trends this season.
Akris Punto Stand Collar Mini Stereo Top
Akris Punto Stand Collar Mini Stereo Top

Now run by Alice’s grandson, Creative Director Albert Kriemler, Akris Punto branched out into the U.S. retail market in 1988. The label is associated with sleek workwear, chic night-out outfits and sophisticated casual pieces.

Made of the finest luxury fabrics sourced directly from Switzerland, the clothes have architectural lines, body-conscious curves and striking shapes and colors that make the wearer stand out in all the right ways. And despite global success, the fashion house still pays homage to its humble roots –the polka dot is still a prominent part of its logo and branding.

Browse more of Akris Punto’s collection online or discover them in-store.

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