New Arrivals Fall 2023

New Arrivals Fall 2023

Good morning, fashion enthusiasts! I'm Lisa Slesinger, co-owner of Larrimor's, and I'm thrilled to have you join us today. We're about to embark on a journey through our exciting new arrivals for Fall 2023. What's truly exciting for us is that we have an array of stunning looks that can seamlessly transition you throughout your entire week. So, whether you're interested in a laid-back weekend lifestyle or prefer to have your outfits styled for you from head to toe, we've got you covered.

Weekend Lifestyle or Head-to-Toe Style?

For those who love a laid-back weekend lifestyle, we've got great soft knits from Faherty and fantastic sportswear pieces from Vince. If you're a fan of a little bit of boho, you'll adore our selection from Johnny Was. On the other hand, if you prefer to have your outfits styled for you from head to toe, we do that as well. We have looks from Vince that are sure to become your favorites. This includes a gorgeous sequined beaded mesh overlay on a lined skirt, paired with a number of options like a cropped cashmere cardigan sweater and beautiful knitwear. It's not a coincidence that a lot of this can all work back and together in this beautiful same palette.

Denim Delights and Tailored Treats

We've made great washes and silhouettes from Mother Denim, AG Jeans, and more. And the best part? We are more than happy to alter anything that you need. So, if you're not into a little bit of a deconstructed hem, we can fix that. If you want something shorter, narrower in the waist, that's all included. So, whether you're looking for something that can go from day to dinner or a special occasion dress or outfit, we have a lot of great lines for you.

Stunning New Arrivals

New to Pittsburgh and a line we're super excited about is Katherine rer. Katherine rer is a beautiful line, their dresses are stunning and we can fit a number of sizes. But what her specialty is, is working in all these spectacular laser-cut trims that are actually carved right into the dresses. If you're more of a blouse and pant kind of lady, they do great very stunning pieces.

Men's Fashion: Classic and Contemporary

In our men's area this season, we have some of your favorites as well as some new brands for you. We're loving, of course, Peter Millar's beautiful vest which just pulls an outfit together and gives it a little polish. We also have fabulous suede overshirts and great brushed wool CPO style jackets from Vince. Another line that's new to us this season is Nobis, which offers beautiful, very lightweight down products. You'll see also kind of sportier looks, contemporary gone way beyond what it used to be with down where it was just the biggest puffer you could have with a big fur collar. Now there's a lot more emphasis on technical fabrics and clothes that'll be versatile for dressing throughout your week.

Accessories to Accentuate Your Style

We have a great selection of men's denim, lots of washes, great cuts, and again at Larrimor's, all of our alterations are included. We have a great selection of belts that go back to our denim from AG. We also have a beautiful assortment of very lightweight technical outerwear from Herno, which we have exclusively in Pittsburgh for both men and women. And here are some of the things that are terrific that are also great holiday gift items: beautiful gloves, whether you want something that's cashmere-lined or something a little bit sportier in feel, as well as great hats from Wigéns that are just a really stylish way to wear a ball cap through the winter.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our new arrivals and discover your perfect style for Fall 2023. We can't wait to see you in our store or online!

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