So No One Ever Taught You How To Shop

So No One Ever Taught You How To Shop

Lucky are the few whose parents taught them about life’s intangibles: The potency of a handwritten thank-you note. Confident posture and tone of voice. How to cultivate personal style, be it deciphering the dress code on an invitation or choosing the right shoe for the outfit.

If you don’t count yourself among the lucky few, that’s more than okay. It’s never too late to learn.

A personal stylist or sales associate you like and trust at a specialty store such as Larrimor’s in Pittsburgh can help you craft your look without a major investment of effort, time or money. In fact, many cities still have locally-owned, community-involved shops staffed by people who care about spending their days with clients who are sophisticated, interesting and fun to work with.

All you have to do is raise your hand. You (yes, you) can have a clothing stylist.

Because for all there is to love about online shopping, an interpersonal relationship is the one thing that can’t be duplicated from home. The big box stores, staffed with part-timers who don’t recognize your face or remember your name, do not exactly excel in customer service, as anyone who has walked into a mall in the last decade can attest.

Teaming up with a stylist is for everyone. It doesn’t require a minimum spend, or high frequency, or a big promotion. You decide how much assistance you want and how often. Shoot us a text while staring at your closet, trying to figure out what to wear to a “mountain formal” wedding. Give us a call when you’re not sure what to wear to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. (We’ve helped with both.) Once you set the proverbial ball into motion, your sartorial needs are suddenly and perpetually cared for.

And while the most meaningful relationships in life—with your family, with friends—require work, some, like this, do not. Every now and again, we all need an ace up your sleeve so that you don’t need to spend hours Googling your way to an answer. After all, that’s why we have accountants and hairstylists and mechanics: Some things are better outsourced to experts.

Combine this relationship with Larrimor’s long-standing reputation for excellence and customer service, the top men’s and women’s designer fashion brands, and complimentary tailoring, and you’ve got your wardrobe on lock from here on in.

A physician from Washington state walked into Larrimor’s in 2007 and asked a sales associate to help her. They worked together for fifteen years, until the stylist retired. “She always thanked us for showing her that path,” says Tom Michael, co-owner of Larrimor’s.

Another client who had already availed himself of this service made a point of bringing in his two sons who, in a sign of the times, were shocked that the staff knew their father’s name. “The little things have the greatest power to surprise and impress,” Tom says. “That’s the kind of relationship you get here.”

Chemistry is at play; to find the right person to channel your sensibilities, you’ve got to ask around. Start with a friend or acquaintance whose look you admire, and ask them where they shop. (Flattery will get you everywhere.) Try a salesperson in your favorite department, in your favorite store. Try them, then try someone else. You’ll know when it clicks. And the longer you work together, the better they will understand you.

You’re now free to begrudge your parents for any number of other slights.

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