Shirt Tales

Shirt Tales

Your style. Your comfort. Your exact fit. Made-to-measure is a shirt story that always has a happy ending.

Don’t get us wrong: We love off-the-rack garments, and they can create memorable looks. But face it—those shirts don’t fit like a made-to-measure shirt. Not every guy is an average Joe, so standard retail sizes and designs won’t always cut it. Because made-to-measure is based on your measurements, each shirt is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

We offer made-to-measure shirts from some of the world’s finest designers—Ermenegildo Zegna, Eton and Isaia to name a few—in addition to the country’s top dedicated shirtmakers. Each of the renowned brands has its own distinctive style, and we know you do too. So what do you have to do to get your unique piece? That’s easy: Let us do the work.

A common misconception is that made-to-measure is a complicated and costly proposition. That’s not at all true. We partner with makers to offer options at several price points, making it accessible for everyone. Here’s how it works: Our made-to-measure experts will talk to you about your personal style, fit, details and occasion. We will take you through the seemingly countless number of options to design exactly what you have in mind. Whether it’s formal, business or casual—we can do it all.


First, our tailors will take all your measurements—chest, neck, shoulders, arms, biceps (have you been working out?), waist-line, the works. Next, you’ll select the material that will even-tually go on your back and whether your shirt will be a single solid color or two tones, adorned with elegant stripes, boast a nice checked pattern or more. Our wide assortment of fabrics comes only from the most demanding mills in the world, and they satisfy all needs, wants and styles. Loose, athletic or slim fit? It’s all up to you.


Here is where you let your creativity and attitude shine. We’ll present you with a seemingly endless number of options to customize your shirt. Think about the type of collar you prefer. For instance, the cutaway collar provides plenty of room if you wear a Windsor tie knot; the spread collar has a wide yet crisp look with or without a tie.

You have your choice of cuffs too. A two-button barrel cuff is perfect for every day or to wear to a more casual office. Rounded cuffs add a touch of formality to your look or choose a sophisticated French or double cuff if you’re headed to a black-tie event or just like to wear cufflinks. Personalization doesn’t end there. Mother-of-pearl buttons? Placket or no placket? One, two or no pockets? Monogrammed or clean look? You decide.


Forget about spending hours trying on clothes in a tight changing room. Once tailors have confirmed your mea-surements and design selections, your job is essentially done. Made-to-measure shirts require few fittings, or in some cases none at all. (That’s more time to shop in our store for sportcoats and ties to complete the look!) It’s a modest investment of time and, if we may say so, a pretty good deal. Typically, the turnaround time for a made-to- measure shirt is three to five weeks. And you’ll pay $ 160 to $300 for it—about the same as a fine shirt that’s ready to wear. You can start with just one if you like, but we’re fairly sure you won’t stop there. But be warned. Once you’ve tried made-to-measure, you may find it hard to go back to off-the-rack.

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