Shopping By Appointment: The Ultimate Luxury

Shopping By Appointment: The Ultimate Luxury

The world can be hectic and crazy-making, but getting dressed doesn’t have to be. Avail yourself of Larrimor’s shop by appointment service and see how easy we can make this part of your life, whether you typically find shopping a pleasure or a pain.

Start by making an appointment that’s convenient for you with a Larrimor’s representative. You can come in at 8 AM, before the store even opens, if that’s when you’re free. Same goes for 7 o’clock at night. Or on a Monday, when the store is closed. You tell us to be there; we’re there. And if you can’t make it to us at all, we’ll come to your home or office, with everything you want in tow.

Oftentimes, we’ll have had a conversation beforehand so your Larrimor’s associate knows what you’re after and can pull clothes or shoes you’re interested in, as well as things we’re sure you’ll want to see. If you want to have a made-to-measure suit created while you’re in town for business, fabric swatches and an expert tailor will be waiting for you.

On arrival, your fitting room is already prepped for you (and your friends, if you want to make a thing of it) with a rack of clothes in the correct sizes, plus accessories. Based on your availability, we can spend the next 20 minutes, or the next two hours, trying things on and getting precisely what you came for.

When you shop by appointment, the experience becomes hyper-personalized. It’s all about you—what a rare luxury in life.

When you shop by appointment, the experience becomes hyper-personalized. It’s all about you—what a rare luxury in life. Your sales associate is ready to greet you with a glass of Prosecco and a fitting room curated with what you’ve asked for. Our in-house tailor is on-hand to make your garments fit like they’re meant to. Your experience comes first, not to be interrupted by drive-by shoppers.

Shopping by appointment is the way to go, be it for yourself or for a gift for someone special.

We’re not sticklers, either; this isn’t like making a doctor’s appointment. Plans change, things come up, life rearranges itself in a snap—this year especially—so go ahead and cancel on us. We don’t take it personally. Whenever you’re ready, we will be, too.

Shopping by appointment is ideal for fashion mavens and busy people, of course, but everyone can find something to love about it. We’ve had mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons, make a day of it together. Shop for an entire season in one fell swoop, or get outfitted for a single event. Use the time however it makes sense for you.

There’s never any pressure or obligation to buy a single thing. In fact, we’ll help you get rid of what no longer sparks joy: Use your time to have us come and clean out your closet. Every Larrimor’s staffer is trained in these services—take us up on them.

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