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Ermenegildo Zegna has been crafting suiting, casualwear and outerwear, all made to measure.

Your Ermenegildo Zegna tailor will meet you at your convenience – at home, at work or in store, and take you through the options of fabric and style, as well as helping you choose what specific garment it is you require. After taking your measurements, the tailor will send his order back to our headquarters in northern Italy, where the fabric for your suit will be collected.

The fabric you requested from the Lanificio Zegna wool mill in Trivero, northern Italy has been delivered to Zegna’s pattern cutters. Today they will cut the fabric for your garment. After the cutting, the many pieces of fabric – a typical jacket may have up to 100 in total – is tagged with the specific office details of the customer, then passed on to the next expert. The journey has begun.

Your garment is taking shape. Each piece is being worked on by a specialist tailor, together they start stitching the garment together. It’s now that the details that require extra-special care and attention are now hand stitched.

Now, the important process of pressing. For a suit jacket, there are approximately 30 different pressing stages. This process ensures the garment retains its structure throughout its life.

Your Su Misura item receives intense care and attention throughout the tailoring process, but no check is more rigorous than the final inspection which happens prior to your name label being sewn in. This garment will soon be ready for you to wear.

Your garment has been finished, and now is receiving the final touch. At this moment your tailor is sewing a Su Misura label bearing your name. The Su Misura marque is a sign of an Ermenegildo Zegna Made to Measure garment, and it represents a process dedicated to creating your unique and distinctive wardrobe.

Just three weeks after your first fitting, your made to measure garment is now almost ready to wear. At the final fitting, your tailor will make small adjustments to ensure that it meets your requirements and you are completely happy with it.

Browse Zegna at our September Trunk Show or drop in any time to work with one of our stylists.

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