Giving back to the community is a privilege. For those of us at Larrimor’s, this commitment embodies a deep desire to make a lasting difference among the diverse neighborhoods and individuals that we proudly serve. This legacy of giving is one that we have nurtured since our founding in 1939. And this core, enduring philosophy is one that we intend to continue well into our future.

Over the years we have supported countless charities. While their individual missions may differ, their collective efforts have significantly impacted many people and issues: At-risk children and families. Arts and humanities. Science and education. Environment and world peace. Public television and public health.

The historical and emerging needs of our community speak to an enduring duty to lend a hand where and whenever possible. And so we have given back, while encouraging Larrimor’s employees, designers, partners and customers to do the same.

In return, we have witnessed the pure joy on the face of a parent and child who have directly benefitted from our support of organizations like The Children’s Institute. We have smiled when the most deserving individual always won our pair of Steelers tickets—ten years in a row—during a Larrimor’s charity raffle. And we have cheered, as a WWII veteran danced the jitterbug at our store in celebration and in support of public television and Pittsburgh’s own WQED.

Our community is our home. It is the embodiment of where we live, work and play. And it deserves the very best we have to offer.

Thanks to our customers and our employees, Larrimor’s has prospered and grown for over seventy-five years. And with that success comes responsibility: to give back to the community and to the city that have given so much to us in return. Please consider doing the same whenever and wherever you can.