Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke Clothing at Larrimor’s in Downtown Pittsburgh

These days, few menswear stores offer bespoke clothing (aka bespoke tailoring). In an age where bespoke clothing is a rarity, Larrimor's in downtown Pittsburgh stands as the exception. For over 75 years, we have been providing bespoke services, ensuring that Pittsburgh's best-dressed men receive tailored and personalized garments that truly stand out. Whether you're seeking a custom suit, shirt, or other tailored pieces, our commitment to craftsmanship and individuality sets us apart. Visit us nearby in downtown Pittsburgh or explore our bespoke offerings online for a personalized and exceptional shopping experience near you.

The custom bespoke tailoring at Larrimor’s makes the ultimate statement of sartorial mastery—one that is personal to you, unlike off the rack suits. Whether you desire custom formalwear, suiting, jackets or casual wear, each item is measured, cut and sewn exclusively for you, by experts trained in the fine art of bespoke tailoring. Choose from designers like Canali, Ermengildo Zegna, Isaia, Hickey Freeman and Oxxford. Our bespoke master tailors can hand-create a conventional two or three button single-breasted suit, a three-piece suit or a double-breasted suit—whatever you like. Single button options are often reserved for tuxedos and formal wear.

So what exactly is bespoke menswear? The term “bespoke” was originated in the Middle Ages but came into the modern vocabulary with the legendary British tailors of London’s Savile Row. Today, the term describes a category of custom-made, hand-tailored clothing that is considered the highest level of individual style—the first choice of the well-dressed gentleman.

In the Savile Row tradition, Larrimor’s bespoke garments are personally crafted by hand by a master tailor based on a pattern unique to each customer. The time-honored process begins with meticulous measuring, choosing from among the finest fabrics in the world and then perfecting the cut over a number of in-person fittings.

Fabric swatches for bespoke men's clothing featuring superior Italian and British wools, silks, and other luxury fibers.
Bespoke tailor hand-cutting a pattern based on a customer's individual measurements for precise fit to his unique body shape.
Master tailor meticulously crafting a men's suit jacket to the customer's precise measurements and individual specifications.

Why Bespoke Clothing?

Bespoke services have come back into style in a big way and are now very much in demand as men seek to stand out and stand above in today's world of sameness. Quite simply, bespoke suits are a mark of a man’s true style and character. They are amazingly easy to wear, bring simplicity and confidence to wardrobe decisions and make a man look polished and professional--not to mention trimmer, taller and stronger, because the suit is cut to flatter his own unique shape.

Frankly, most men look their best—most professional, powerful and in control— when wearing a bespoke suit. Picture a general in the military or a pilot: the uniform signals competence and strength. In the military, not a single button can be out of place or a lapel creased. These rules are there for a reason: to create an image of order and respect that serves a man well, just as a perfectly tailored suit can play the same role in his professional life.

Skilled tailor sewing an interior lining in to achieve that soft, supple, and sculpted feel expected from a bespoke men's jacket.
A men's jacket under construction, showing precise craftsmanship to conform to the customer's torso shape and fit preference.
A customer being fitted for a bespoke men's business suit, looking comfortable and confident in new custom-fit attire.

Impeccable Style is Possible for Any Man

Of course, some men have an unerring sense of personal style that appears to be hot-wired into their DNA, even as the majority of men consider themselves to be sartorially challenged and fret over coordinating their shirts with their trousers. This innate ability to make something difficult—such as putting together a wardrobe that looks both casual and chic—seem incredibly easy and effortless has been called "sprezzatura" by the Italians. Thankfully, this ability to dress with style is not so much a matter of genetics as it is an acquired skill. Even better, you can enlist the talents of a master tailor who can guide you to the perfect look for you and you alone that allows you to relax and feel confident every time you step out the door. Using the bespoke method of taking detailed measurements; creating a custom, individualized pattern and crafting it to perfection over multiple fittings removes all the doubts.

Bespoke vs Made-to-Measure

The difference between bespoke and made-to-measure (mtm) clothing, which is cut using a standard base pattern, is that bespoke patterns are made from scratch using the customer’s own measurements, often as many as 25 in a single fitting. The fabric is then hand cut and stitched to create a precise, flawless finish. Several additional fittings may be required, along with the selecting of the custom details that will make your suit unique to you. The end result? A bespoke fit that is unmistakably crafted and a joy to wear. And, of course, we will embroider your name on the coat lining, a mark of bespoke elegance.

Taking Measurements

The Larrimor’s bespoke process begins with a 10-30 minute appointment to properly measure you for for your new bespoke suit. One of our associates will take your measurements either in-store or in your home or office. We understand that bespoke tailoring requires multiple steps, so our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to be custom fitted, on your schedule.

Choosing Fabric

Larrimor’s offers a very wide range of superior fabrics that include the finest wools from Italy and Great Britain. We also offer the most beautiful silks, camel hairs, cashmeres and other exotic fibers to make your bespoke suit truly a work of art.

Adding Features

Full-canvas construction will make your bespoke jackets soft, supple, and sculpted for a long life of supreme performance. Custom linings such as water buffalo horn and buttons made of mother of pearl are other options available to our customers. You can also choose the ideal button stance, pocket style and a custom interior lining.

The End Result

When you work with our bespoke tailor, you may discover that you’re surprised by how much better your custom clothing fits your unique body shape. This is something we hear often from our customers. For example, we can adjust your coat to your specific posture or shoulder slope and increase or decrease a shoulder line to accommodate you, whether you have broad or narrow shoulders. These are just a few of the most enlightening adjustments that bespoke menswear offers. When a coat is perfectly balanced front-to-back and the shoulder line is executed with precision, it becomes a very different visual and wearing experience than ready-to-wear or even made-to-measure, which used standardized patterns.

Larrimor’s, located in the center of downtown, is Pittsburgh’s premier bespoke clothing destination. Whatever the season, consider a bespoke or made-to-measure suit or stylish sport coat. And don’t forget to complete the look with a beautiful new custom dress shirt, made just for you, and custom shoes that add the perfect finishing touch.