Hickey Freeman

an Announcement from Stephen Granovsky  President of Hickey Freeman.

".....There has been much conjecture about the Hickey Freeman brand over the past few weeks; so as valued insiders, I wanted to reach out to you first to provide some insights into the current state of the brand.  For the past 10 years, Samulesohn has licensed the Hickey Freeman brand name from ABG.  That license expires at the end of this year.  While there have been many challenges, as stewards of the brand, we have always maintained an unwavering commitment to the characteristics that define Hickey Freeman; beautiful merchandising, uncompromising quality, excellent MTM assortments, and fits that work for the American customer.  If it was our brand, we'd continue for many years to come.

Unfortunately, we do not own the brand, nor can we make decisions about its future direction.  We have negotiated in good faith with ABG for our continuing license; however, ABG has changed course and advised us they are focusing Hickey Freeman retailed at a much lower price point.  We are incredibly proud of the Hickey Freeman business we have all built togeather,  but our core values are no longer aligned with the future strategy of the Hickey Freeman brand.

But not to worry.  Rest assured that we are negotiating the transition of our license in a a way that will minimize any impact to you.  Spring will reamin untouched.  There will be no low-price alternative this Spring and all your orders are in progress and will be delivered, under the Hickey Freeman brand name..."


“Keep the Quality Up” has been the motto at Hickey Freeman since the early 1900s. Hickey Freeman suit styles are impeccably tailored to create a superior fit that is unequaled: Hickey Freeman continues to hand-stitch elegant men’s formal suits in countless colors and styles with a sculpted yet supple American twist. Likewise, Hickey Freeman blazers are easily interchangeable, always appropriate, and built to last.

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