Custom Men's Clothing

Custom Men's Clothing at Larrimor's in Downtown Pittsburgh

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, Larrimor’s clothing for men includes custom menswear and suiting, made-to-measure suits and bespoke clothing. We have a wide range of styles and from top designers. For the perfect fit, custom menswear is the newest concept in men’s clothing. It has really taken off in the denim, shirt and jeans market. An improved process and growing demand for custom tailoring means that men can now enjoy more affordable custom made jeans, custom shirts, shoes, belts, ties and outerwear-all conveniently available nearby.

Choosing custom-crafted clothing, formalwear and even shoes means your garment is hand-tailored, just for you. It's more flattering to your shape and cut to fit your body. Made with precision and the care, custom menswear can have a major impact on a man’s image, confidence and sense of style.

A young professional looking confident as he tries on his first custom-crafted, hand-tailored business suit.
Denim jeans, as displayed here, are part of the latest trend toward affordable, custom-made men's clothing.
Fabric swatches showing suede in various colors for personalized and custom crafted men's shoes.

The Larrimor’s approach to made to measure, bespoke and custom tailoring includes combining the latest technology with time-honored craftsmanship passed down through generations. Our team of highly skilled tailors and design experts will ensure your custom fitted suit, pants, shirt, jacket or formalwear is exactly what you desire. Working closely with you to create the ultimate bespoke garment is an art, as we provide a truly personal experience.

Larrimor’s uses only the finest materials and our suit offerings include designers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Samuelsohn, Canali, Isaia, Hickey Freeman and Oxxford. In Fall 2019, Larrimor’s will also launch its Atelier Munro collection from Amsterdam—a fully custom menswear line. Whether you seek the perfect tailored professional look or a flawless suit or tuxedo for that special occasion, custom-made menswear at Larrimor’s is a craft we’ve been perfecting for decades.

If you’ve noticed an increased interest in custom and made-to-measure clothing these days, you’re not alone. Whether they’re picking their own fabrics, buttons, lining or lapels, more men than ever are taking the time to create a suit that expresses their individual style. The reasons for the recent boom in custom mens’ wear? More affordable price points than in the past (often only about 20 percent higher than off the rack) and more custom styled suits showing up on athletes and celebrities, whether they’re walking a red carpet, being interviewed after a game or appearing on a talk show.

Two young men looking sophisticated and flawless in perfectly fitting custom suits.
A young man wearing a custom-fitted jacket and pocket square with cuffed black jeans in modern, business-casual style.
A customer selecting a personalized color for custom-made men's shoes to match his business wardrobe.

We can’t overstate that the main reason to consider custom clothing is a perfect fit. The custom process requires taking precise measurements, a big advantage for men whose shape may include sloping shoulders, larger midsections, muscular thighs or extra-long legs. Off the rack suits, no matter how well made and how much stretch is incorporated into the fabric, often aren't very flattering to those without perfectly proportioned bodies. That's because many manufacturers (especially the Italian brands) create their suits more for slim European bodies than for hefty, or even average, American shapes.

Custom-made shirts are another easy way to increase the “wow” factor. By taking your exact chest, cuff and shoulder measurements, Larrimor's tailors can give you a slim look (minus the excess fabric that can often make your mid-section look like a balloon) without constraining you. Once you’ve decided on a French or barrel cuff, Larrimor’s made-to-measure specialists select a collar style that best suits your face shape and find colors and patterns that complement you.

What’s not to love? Hundreds of fabric choices. Fifteen made-to-order measurements. A multitude of cuffs, pockets and monograms from which to choose—the ultimate sartorial look and fit. It’s affordable luxury at a price only slightly higher than off the rack. Custom mens wear makes the ultimate statement of elegance, confidence and sophistication.

Whether you want a single custom suit, perfectly fitting jeans or an entire custom wardrobe, Larrimor's can create that perfectly tailored look for one customer and one customer alone: you.

Sophisticated and modern shoes and jackets for men on display.
Elegant, custom fabrics with the right accessories can be used to achieve a unique personal style, as shown in this ensemble.
A young man arriving at work in affordable luxury attire, at a price only slightly higher than off the rack.