Made to Measure

Made to Measure Clothing for Men at Larrimor’s in Downtown Pittsburgh

The made to measure men's clothing services at Larrimor’s in downtown Pittsburgh make sartorial elegance accessible to anyone who wants to make a personal statement of style and confidence. We offer made-to-measure across a wide range of formalwear, suits, jackets and casual wear. Each item is measured, cut and sewn exclusively for you. Made to measure dress shirts, for example, can create a much more flattering line, custom tailored to fit your body. Made to measure jeans are becoming more popular for the same reason: getting the perfect fit. Made to measure men's suits are the epitome of individual style. Choose from designers like Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Isaia, Hickey Freeman and Oxxford.

With interest in slimmer-fitting clothing continuing as a trend, made-to-measure options can get the ‘new fit’ trim enough (or full enough) for each individual body type. But the benefits go beyond the fit factor. Having the opportunity to select from a wide variety of fabrics and to personalize your suits and shirts can be a big bonus in the workplace and can set you apart from the ordinary pinstripes down the hall—so you never run the risk of walking into the office in the same exact suit as your boss, or worse, a workplace rival.

In addition, well crafted made-to-measure shirts, suits and other garments can last for years and be dressed up or down. Above all else, it is a statement of confidence, proving that you know best what complements your style, your body type and your unique personality. Even made to measure shoes are an increasingly popular option these days.


That Perfect Fit

Larrimor’s clients are often surprised and delighted by how much better their made to measure clothing fits their unique body shapes. For example, we can adjust a coat for posture or shoulder slope. We can increase or decrease a shoulder line to accommodate broad or narrow shoulders. When a coat is balanced front-to-back and the shoulder line is executed correctly, it becomes a very different visual and wearing experience. These are just some of the most frequently requested adjustments our expert tailors can deliver.


Our custom tailoring services make it easy. It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to get properly measured for a made to measure suit. One of our Larrimor’s associates will take your measurements either in the store or in the convenience of your home or office. People often wonder about made to measure vs. bespoke. With made to measure, we will still take your measurements, but continuing return trips to the tailor and multiple fittings are not necessary, thanks to recent advanced technology. It takes anywhere from two to 10 weeks for delivery, depending on the designer.


Larrimor’s offers a wide range of superior fabrics, including the finest wools from Italy and Great Britain, as well as the most beautiful silks, camel hairs, cashmeres and other exotic fibers.


Full canvas construction makes the bespoke jacket soft, supple, and sculpted for a long life of supreme performance. Custom linings to water buffalo horn and mother of pearl buttons are other options from which to choose.

Whether they’re choosing their style of fabrics, buttons, lining or lapels, more men than ever are taking the time to create a suit that expresses their individual style. Reasons for the growth in this end of the business include more affordable price points than in the past (often only about 20 percent higher than off-the-rack) and seeing more made-to-measure suits on athletes and celebrities in the media. Bottom line: made-to-measure clothing—from jeans to shirts to suits to formalwear and beyond—appeals to those who want to be excited about what they purchase—and remain excited every time they look in their closet and know they are covered for any event.

Larrimor’s is Pittsburgh’s premier made to measure and bespoke clothing destination. The Pittsburgh's men's tailor of choice for generations, we suggest that this season, you opt for a made to measure suit or stylish sport coat. And don’t forget to complete the look with several custom dress shirts, made just for you and a pair of bespoke shoes to complete the look.

Expert tailor meticulously crafting a men's suit jacket to the customer's precise measurements and fit preferences.
A made-to-measure men's jacket under construction, showing the precise cut of lapel.
A men's jacket under construction, being tailored for the individual customer's posture and shoulder slope.
Various luxury threads and other tools of the trade used by our expert tailors to craft precise-fitting menswear.
Luxury interior lining being sewn into a made-to-measure men's jacket.
A master tailor making adjustments to a men's jacket after a fitting.
Skilled tailor taking measurements to ensure that a coat is balanced front-to-back and the shoulder line is executed correctly.
A tailor's worktable showing luxury fabrics and threads.